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/Video: Spirituality

Video: Spirituality

This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Spirituality”.

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Video Transcription:

There are many who when they think of the word spiritual automatically think about church, religion and religious energy. But you are all of you are part of spirit. You have your body, your physical form, you have you mind which is your thinking, which is your understanding, and then you have your spirit. Your spirit is connected to the higher source and it is also a part of you which eventually will leave your body and come home to our world.

Spirituality is not about sitting in religious or faith induced, what word would I use it, sitting like a Buddha, more severe, more religious because Buddhism represents spirituality, a very high source of spirituality. Spirituality has got nothing to do with orthodox religion. It has to do with you inside of you. Who are you? You may think you know who you are but you are not that energy. When you take back the layers of energy from all of your incarnations, you have the true you.

Over your many incarnations, you have taken on layers of energy which unfortunately have held you back from your true spiritual path. Spirituality is not about following any body, it is not about praying, it is not about religion, It is about you and you finding your truth of who you are and what you are. What you desire in your life, what is your passion, what is the passion that you have come to fulfill, the destiny you have come to fulfill.

The Earth plane is not an easy place to live. It is not an easy life when one gets here. There are people who are actually frightened to come to this Earth place because they know they have to face the issues they have chosen. All of you choose your life before you come to the Earth plane. Because you have no self part of you there, only the higher self part of you, you are very ambitious with your choice of a life but it is a different matter when you get here and connect with the self part of you. Because then the fear comes in and everything else attach to that.

Spirituality is about you finding you. So many of you do not realize that you are different to who you think you are. Only with moving your vibration upwards can you begin to see that you are not who you are or who you thought you were. Spirituality is not about giving anything up that you have or do, but as you raise your consciousness, raise your vibration, as you move your energy, you begin to see that you do not have to give anything up, but eventually you will realize you no longer need it and you no longer want it. So like layers of an onion you peel back layer by layer the faults vision that you have of yourself and you begin to see yourself as the spiritual person that you are. You begin to see yourself through the past life energy that you have brought with you.

Spirituality is to be true to yourself, not to lie to yourself. So many of you tell yourself lies or your self tells you lies. It is about shedding the layers of making believe that you have create it also. And eventually finding yourself, finding the true you and finding peace within. For when you have other influences around you, you cannot have peace within. It is about letting go of what others think, it is about letting go of what your parents, your friends, your family think of you and want you to do. You are not them, you are not got their birth chart, you are a different energy. You are you, you are unique because in your life you are the only one like you. There is no other soul, no other person who is exactly the same as you. Spirituality is finding your truth, spirituality is finding you. Thank you!

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