Working with The Masters

//Working with The Masters

Working with The Masters

When you choose to work with a Master from our world, before you can work one-on-one with us, a long period of apprenticeship is a part of your work with us. You have to be adept at so many things; writing, speaking, tact and diplomacy, all anger has to be removed from you, for our energy can influence any anger you may have! You have to have all ego removed, and you will be tested on how much you will give to us, to help with our work on the Earth plane; remember, we do not use money in our world!

It is not about money, but you will be compensated, and have all you need to do the work with us. Only when you have shown your unselfishness and dedication are you then rewarded! You are tested and tried, time after time; we have to be sure your intentions are true. This time of apprenticeship can take many years, but you and you alone choose how long this will be for what you need to learn. My channel Margaret had so much fear from many past lives, it took many years for her to face and remove that fear, now she is able to help and remove the deep fear within others.

You are also taught about energy, how to use and conserve it, and also have to repay all karma before our work can even begin. It is not for the fainthearted, for it is a demanding role! When you are ready, astrologically, it will be the right time. This too is chosen, as to when you are considered to have graduated from your apprenticeship. It is a hard road, and one with no help from anyone, you are on your own! Many begin the path, but cannot continue due to the stresses involved in working with us. I can see you asking “but why would you, Spirit, cause stress?” It is not we who do this, but the Self. Once you conquer the Self, there is no more stress; it is as simple as that!

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