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Working with My Channel

In order to work with my channel Margaret, she first of all had to raise her vibration. In the beginning it was slow, and she was what is known as a conscious channel. She was aware of my energy and my thoughts, which I blended with hers, but she was still conscious while I came through to give the messages. In the very beginning, her Guardian spirit would give the messages, as she was not on a high enough vibration to receive them directly from me.

Over the years, and it was many years, she learned to trust and let go of her fear, and as she did so began to raise her vibration. It took her 7 years of Earth time to raise her vibration to the level where she and I could work together without the intermediary. Once she did this, raised her vibration, then I could speak through her directly, and it was then I really began my teaching work through her. I WAS teaching through her from the beginning, but as she had not raised her vibration sufficiently, it was not done totally by my energy, but through the intermediary.

Thankfully, my channel was able to write my words without too much ego present, but it was after 7 years she finally merged her energy with mine, by raising her vibration to a level wherein I could speak directly through her. It was then she would go into a trance state, a state of sleep, very deep, and I was able to come in and using a voice box we had created prior to my blending my energy with hers, to actually use my own energy to speak. Margaret would leave her body and I would enter, communicate my message and leave after doing so.Those 7 years of conscious channeling were not wasted, for she learned to let go of fear, to learn to allow words to come from her mouth without being manipulated or changed. It was not easy for me to work with her during those years, because I could not merge my energy with her.

When I channel from our world, there are a lot of souls present working in your world. These souls are energies which can tolerate the Earth plane energy. They are present to stop lost souls, energies who are trapped on the Earth plane, from interfering or causing problems while I am speaking through my channel. As I come in, a huge energy is present and those who are lost are drawn to it, just like a moth to a light. It is the job of those energies to prevent this, and so they are positioned at doors and entries, and in a sense guard the space from anyone entering and causing problems.

There is always a spirit doctor present to monitor Margaret’s body and vital organs to make sure she is not overheated or stressed by the energy. If she is, they will assist from our world with healing to help her. There can be as many as 20 souls present, helping me to channel through her. My energy can take an enormous toll on her physical body, It is like a form of radiation, thankfully she has a strong constitution and can handle the energy, although it can either make her very tired, or with so much energy makes her hyperactive. It all depends on how her body is before the channeling.

In a few days, I will be speaking through her to those around the world who wish to listen to my words and to see me and be affected by the energy. I hope when you see me, and see Margaret in her trance state, you will appreciate all the work which was put in, from our world and by Margaret in preparing herself to be my channel. The world has no experience of channeling; it is only understood or viewed by very few at this time on the Earth plane. It will become more common as the Earth plane moves forward; years of hard work have gone into this way of communicating. I hope you will connect with Margaret and watch as I speak through her to uplift and encourage you from our world.

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