About the World of Spirit – Part 2

//About the World of Spirit – Part 2

About the World of Spirit – Part 2

In my last newsletter, I wrote I would write about our world, so here is the information. The one important thing to know about our world, your true home is the fact when you come home you leave the Self part of you back on Earth. Only the Higher Self part of you comes home! It is a shock for many, for, first of all, many do not realize they have a Higher Self, and there is no Self to make excuses for you once you come home, you see yourself as you really were and it is a shock for many. Even more is the shock they have to return to the Earth plane again as they did not fulfill their life plan.

There are gatherings when you return home, friends and family who have passed before you gather to celebrate your return, there will be many who did not share your last life, and as such, there are usually a great many souls waiting to celebrate once you have been shown your life and how you lived it. First, you are shown the choices you made for your life plan, then how you lived out that plan, and how the fear and other emotions interfered in that plan. Nothing is said to you at this time, you can see usually what you completed and what still needs to be achieved in your Akashic Record. Your soul is the one who sees what you did.

Some souls cannot bear to see what they did to others, and these souls take themselves away for a while to contemplate their life. For these souls, the celebration is put on hold until they feel ready to enjoy it again. During the time of being away, one is helped by the wise ones in our world, to come to terms with what they did, but also to understand why!

Our world is the world of beautiful energy, but it is not holy and religious, it is a world of color! You are without a body; you left that behind on the Earth plane. You are now a sum total of energy, consciousness of every life you have lived. You can see, feel, and hear, yet you have no body! If you wish to communicate with someone, you simply call them on an internal communication and they will connect with you. If they are already communicating with another, you will become aware if this, and wait until they contact you again.

We have huge gatherings where we share laughter and companionship with the souls who have returned, recollecting moments on the Earth plane with fun and humor. We never show this as making fun of anyone, nor having disrespect for another, it is humor but without pain as such. We have halls of learning where one can learn about life on Earth and the other dimensions where souls live in a physical form. Our colors are unlike anything you have ever seen; your colors pale in comparison to ours. Each soul can be young or old, depending on what it chooses to look like.

When souls return to communicate with you, which they often do if you are receptive to this (and many are not), you may see them as old in one appearance, and yet young in another. It is what they wish to appear like when seen. My channel has seen her father as an old man, which he was when he passed to our world, and also as a man in his forties. Whatever you have done on the Earth plane is quickly forgotten. You can have a rest if you wish, before returning for another incarnation. There is no set time to return. However, for those who take their own lives, after a rest, they need to return back to Earth to continue the “contract” they have unfinished.

Deep compassion and counseling is given to these souls before they return again, to help them fulfill their lives. Remember YOU and you alone choose your lives and your life path, nobody else. So many of you choose such heavy painful lives. We try before you are born to tell you how hard it will be, but very often it is not received with love, as you see it as a way to finish your karma or incarnations. But, once you get to the Earth plane, with the Self present, your plan is hard to achieve. It takes a strong soul, and usually a Masters help through a channel, to enable you to achieve it.

The Ultimate Being, whom you know as God, is ever present in our world; the love from this energy can be felt all over our world. It is total unconditional love, and as such never judges or chooses one soul over another. YOU yourself know what is right and wrong, in accordance with your Akashic Record. This can be viewed at any time in one of our huge libraries.

You can digest languages, and learn about anything you wish. Our libraries are eagerly sought out by those who come home after life. Your past lives are easily available to you, without the Self there to challenge or stop you, it is very easy to see where you have come from and the incarnations you have had since your arrival on the Earth plane. You cannot lie in our world, only the Self lies, it is quite a shock when a soul sees what the Self has done.

For now, this is a glimpse into our world. As Earth time passes, I will write more, but for now, have no fear of death. Death is just a short walk from your world to ours; no one is punished, not even criminals. You are all souls on a path, trying to clear your souls from karmic debt.

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