Linda Zeppa


Linda has been an educator for many years, a writer for as long as she can remember, and on a spiritual path forever. Since 2007 she has delved into metaphysical studies and practices, taking classes in astrology, energy healing, mediumistic studies, meditation, and the Beyond the Brotherhood Course with Margaret McElroy. Linda is the author of two books, The Red Glass Ball: Touching Lives Through History and Let It Flow…Igniting the Creativity Within. She intuitively writes and creates for herself and others. She most enjoys guiding others and allowing them the opportunity to develop and use their own intuitive abilities to begin or move forward on their path. It is insightful, healing, and inspirational.

Services available from Linda:

Intuitive Writing/Creativity Private Sessions – Price is $80/hour

An adventure in writing/creating for your own purpose, whether it is for insight, release, pleasure, journaling, information, story writing, artistic design or channeling. These events include suggestions and methods for using your abilities and sources, insightful word and thought activities, a guided relaxation and meditation, time to write, create, share and discuss.

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Intuitive Development Guidance and Coaching – Price is $80/hour

These sessions offer personal coaching and guidance for recognizing and developing your individual intuition, for self-insight, release, pleasure, information, messages from Spirit, past lives, clearing…and so on. Linda uses a wide variety of tools (astrology, color, chakras, crystals, cards, writing, creativity etc.) to assist you on your path, and will teach ways to use these tools for yourself. Linda will work with you as facilitator, intuitive guide and medium for information that comes through for you.

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Intuitive Creativity for Children – Price is $50/hour

Relaxation and meditation time, stories, discussions, and activities geared to the development level of each child. The focus will be to acknowledge and stimulate the wisdom, intuition, and creativity in each individual, and allow time to use it and share it. Fun and Joy are always part of this.

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Editing; Guidance and Assistance with Writing and Publishing – Price is $35/hour

Need some assistance with writing your book, or with the publishing process? This service is for you!

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The energy of Maitreya has assisted with letting go of fear, allowing me to move forward doing what I love, knowing and trusting that all will unfold and manifest as it should. Love and support are always there.
- Linda Zeppa