Maitreya Brings New Teachings to India

/Maitreya Brings New Teachings to India

Maitreya Brings New Teachings to India

Margaret McElroy is a spiritual teacher, intuitive reader and astrologer, she has traveled to Delhi, India to share Maitreya’s new teachings. Maitreya teaches others how to work toward personal enlightenment, not based on the dogmas of the past, but through teachings relevant to the modern era.

There is no one like Margaret; intuitive, astrologer, teacher, and channel for an amazing energy known as Maitreya. Maitreya has a message, a new message, for all who are looking for enlightenment. That message is: all the answers you need lie inside of you, you just need to listen to the answers. “We have not learned or have fear of listening to the Higher part of us, but it is a part of who we are, and if we all listened to it, we would not have to seek help from outside of us.” Margaret has said.

Margaret is a well-traveled woman, born in England, she has lived in England, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and is now in India. She has also traveled around the world teaching Maitreya’s words of wisdom, “Wisdom for today, answers for tomorrow.” “It may surprise many, but there is no actual truth; the truth lies in the heart of each person,” and, as Maitreya has said, “One man’s truth is another man’s folly.”

Margaret, with Maitreya, is bringing a new education to those who are looking for the answers to life and all connected to that subject. From questions such as, “Why do we have feelings of being in a place before?” to, “Where did we come from?” Maitreya has the answers.

In 1999, Maitreya was asked to address a large group of spiritual people within the United Nations in New York. Margaret is a well written author of 5 books and has recorded a number of CD’s. She has been a newspaper and magazine columnist, and a keynote speaker at many events around the world. She has been with her teacher as she calls it, “from the other side” for twenty one years. She has had her own radio show, her radio experience spans her 30 years, along with her career.

While in Delhi, Margaret is available for radio, press and TV interviews while in India. Come meet Margaret to find out more about her, and her new teachings for humanity.

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