Maitreya to Hold Event at Hotel Bristol in Gurgaon

/Maitreya to Hold Event at Hotel Bristol in Gurgaon

Maitreya to Hold Event at Hotel Bristol in Gurgaon

Maitreya will be an holding event on August 25th at Hotel Bristol in Gurgaon. This event has limited seating. If you are interested in attending, tickets are available at Read on for more about the upcoming Gurgaon events with Maitreya.

August 25th, 4:30 – 7:00, Hotel Bristol in Gurgaon
Join Maitreya for a special night of channeling. His channel Margaret McElroy, who has been channeling Maitreya since 1992, will allow Maitreya to bring his message to you as she goes into a deep trance state. In addition to his address, he will answer questions from the audience. Maitreya has traveled the world with his teachings on spirituality and metaphysics, from Europe to Asia and North America. Maitreya has spoken at The Hague in the Netherlands as well as at the United Nations in New York. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear his message.

As Maitreya has said, “I am an energy from the world beyond yours. I have walked the Earth plane just as you are doing in this incarnation. I, like you, had to overcome my fears, doubts and insecurities to learn my lessons on my pathway to ascension from the Earth plane. Through my learning on the Earth plane and in our world, I have attained the knowledge to now assist and guide the evolution of your plane on a soul and planetary level. I am pure energy, pure consciousness, therefore I need a physical form to work through since my vibration no longer permits me to incarnate to your plane. I have been called many names by different cultures, from Lord Maitreya, to Maitreya Buddha, to Mi Le Fu to name just a few. Many have referred to me as The World Teacher, but I am just a teacher with a new level of knowledge that is here to teach. In our world, we have no egos, no names and no levels of importance that you on the Earth plane tend to hold in importance.”

Seating is limited, so book early at for these exciting events. Also follow Maitreya on Facebook to stay informed about all future events.

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