Maitreya’s Guidance for the India of Tomorrow

/Maitreya’s Guidance for the India of Tomorrow

Maitreya’s Guidance for the India of Tomorrow

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Following a 2-month tour to Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Visakhapatnam concluding in March of 2013, Maitreya and his channel have settled in Gurgaon.

If you are new to Maitreya and his message, he has been channeling through his channel, Margaret McElroy, since 1992. His message of Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow focuses on each individual becoming the master of his or her own destiny. Margaret McElroy is a regular contributor to Speaking Tree and brings through Maitreya’s wisdom and guidance in her articles.

Maitreya simply states, “I am a teacher who brings the knowledge and the energy through this channel to facilitate change on a personal and global level. Through my teachings, I provide a road map to becoming the Master of your own life. You have incarnated with a purpose, what is it? Like my channel, each of you has many fears holding you back from attaining your destiny. Where are your fears? What past-life energy have you chosen to work through? What life lessons have you chosen to face? What karma have you chosen to re-pay? Who owes you karma? My purpose is to assist you with the knowledge and tools to find these answers. Without these answers, you are wandering through this incarnation without a plan. You are like a boat without a rudder.”

In today’s world it is very difficult to reach one’s true destiny of happiness with all the influences and pressures of job, family, traditions and culture impinging on your choices, your wants, and your wishes. Those around you have the best of intentions with their actions, but their journey is not your journey, their lessons in life are not yours’. It’s your journey; strive to live your own truth and become your own master.

For more information about Maitreya’s teachings and his schedule in India, follow him on Facebook at Maitreya World Teacher, and on Remember, there are no accidents in life, only the learning that is gained through the choices made on the journey. Please contact us at with your inquiries and to find out more about upcoming events in India.

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