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This astrology report is a very detailed look at your soul path in this incarnation. It was created based on Maitreya’s instruction to assist you with your soul growth and enable you to find out about your life plan. The report consists of astrological information based on your time of birth. However, if you do not have that, Practitioner Jean Luo can work out the time of your birth with her Master Teacher in Spirit. The report also looks into the next year for you — what energies are going to be around you and what it is possible for you to achieve.

The last part of the report includes you asking 3 questions based on the report. Do not send questions with your report request. It is best to wait until have read the report and then ask the questions. You do not have to ask all 3 questions at once. The answers to the questions are channeled from Maitreya through Jean. The original astrological information is also channeled, but it is channeled on an astrological basis for each soul at their time of birth.

The reading is $120 USD.

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