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The Bach Flower Essences are a very powerful but gentle healing modality, relieving fear and anxiety, decreasing stress and grief, and improving stressful relationships. Thus, they are a wonderful way to restore balance and harmony to your life. The Bach Flower Essences have proven very safe, effective, and easy to use for over 75 years and are widely used in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Edward Bach developed the flower essences because he realized that his patients’ emotional state preceded their physical symptoms and he wanted to eliminate the cause of disease. He discovered that the positive energy of particular flowers would counteract or neutralize the negative energy that our thoughts and emotions create. Dr. Bach stated that, “Healing depends on being in harmony with our souls.”

The Bach Flower remedies help bring balance back into your life and restore health & well-being. Consultations are available locally in-person, by phone, or by Skype.

Initial Consultation (within US) includes mixing bottle and shipping – $80/-
Initial Consultation (outside of US) bottle and shipping NOT included – $70/-
Follow-up Consultation including bottle of remedies and shipping – $45/-
Refill Consultation including refill bottle of remedies and shipping – $25/-