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Before the consultation I will tune into the vibration of your name and then photo, noting the information I receive. I will then go into meditation and tune into your energy field. I will be shown images and/or given messages to pass on to you that I receive clairaudiently and/or through a downloading of information.

The information reveals the cause and/or solution to your question – which I then ask the beautiful guided wisdom of the Tarot and Angel Oracle cards for further information concentrating on the “present moment”. The messages are always positive with the aim of helping you move forward.

If you have any questions regarding another person I will also need their full name & photo.

I do not answer health issues or any questions that prevent your free will. The future only exists as one of many possible outcomes – for we all have free will. Our path on Earth is to live and be happy in the moment, and this what I aim to help you with. Session is one hour in length.