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You feel tired, exhausted? Are you experiencing physical, emotional and/ or mental problems? If so, energy healing can help you with these and many other problems. During the healing session, our practitioners connect with the highest source, and channels this energy to your energy field and body. This healing may also use positive affirmations, sound, and colors, depending on your specific needs. Depending on your sensitivity, you may or may not feel the energy coursing through your body. Many clients talk about a beautiful feeling during the healing, manifesting as a sensation of peace, heat or chill. Some have experienced higher levels of energy and gained deep insights. If the problem is of a deeper nature, a healing crisis can occur, which can last for a few days. This can manifest as crying, feeling angry and/ or pain in some body parts. It just means that the energy is coming out through the physical body, so as to be released. You will be contacted to schedule the date and the time for your session. After the healing session, an email will be sent to you with the information she received during the session.