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Emotion Code Therapy uses the fact that your body can communicate with your subconscious mind in ways that your conscious mind cannot. Through kinesiology (muscle testing) we ask your body a series of simple yes/no questions to determine whether there are any trapped emotions that can be released and specifically what emotions are involved. These emotions can be from your current life, a past life, or even inherited from your ancestors! Regardless of their origin, trapped emotions can cause physical, mental, and emotional pain, dis-ease and even disease.

Trapped emotions are released from your subconscious mind (and your body) using a high-powered magnet to disrupt the negative emotional energy and stimulate the flow of positive energy through the body. Emotion Code Therapy can be done in person or remotely, and can even be done on behalf of another person not even present. It is painless, simple, remarkably effective, and can be used in combination with the other healing modalities described on this website.