Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

//Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT
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EFT is one of a number of “meridian tapping techniques” that have been developed to help people to deal with a wide range of symptoms. Just why it works so well, no one knows, but there is no question that it does help many people and conditions. EFT can be done in person or remotely, and can even be done on behalf of another person not even present. It is painless, simple, remarkably effective, and can be used in combination with the other healing modalities described on this website.

EFT is:

Easy — Specific energy points on the body are tapped lightly with the fingers to stimulate the body’s major energy meridians.

Fast — Each “round” of tapping takes only a minute or two. Properly done, many problems are dealt with in a matter of minutes; others may require one or two half-hour sessions.

Transportable — Clients can be taught to perform EFT on themselves when and where they need it. The techniques are simple but require practice to perform effectively.

Effective — As emotional debris from the current or past lives is dealt with, a wide variety of emotional and physical symptoms are alleviated or healed altogether.

EFT is not a substitute for conventional medical attention, but it can be a very helpful and effective addition.