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Family healing is a 21 day deep healing process to help you detach from a situation within the family that is no longer serving you. Often the situation has been repeated over and over, the origins of which are found in many generations past.

The situation one wants to detach from in the family can be: beliefs that no longer serve us (such as negative thought patterns about ourselves and others), a karmic situation, our cellular structure still carrying physical and mental burdens of the family, the way we carry out our lives still burdened by a past that neither belongs nor serves us.

The healing involves a process of deep purification going back to the very beginning to where it all began – and is done with love and forgiveness for all.

After tuning in to the situation with photographs you will send me, I will create an affirmation that we will fine tune together.
It will be an affirmation we will both use for 21 days. Each day for 45 minutes I will connect to source – and with the aid of my pendulum + energy healing – purify with love and forgiveness the old chains and suffering at the deepest level.

You will need to be truly ready to let go for this healing, and to say the affirmation twice a day with deep intent and love.

Family healing is (above all) a healing for you – so that you can let go and move on – with compassion and love.
(This healing can also be adapted for healing a situation or a connection you have with a specific person.)