In this focused one-hour astrology reading and consultation, Jean Luo will provide information about your present life. She will utilize your astrological birth chart to focus on the talents, challenges and lessons you have chosen to experience in this lifetime along with your purpose and destiny. Through working with the energy of Margaret/Maitreya from the world of Spirit, she will bring clarity to issues you are facing in this incarnation and assist you to see who you really are, where your fears lie and how they are blocking your success, happiness, and ultimately your destiny in this lifetime. When filling out your form you will be asked your birth details, date of birth, time of birth (if possible), and place of birth.

The reading and consultation can be done in person, by phone or via Skype. The session is $150 USD.

Once your consultation is complete, you will also be able to ask 3 post consultation questions that may arise over the next 3 months. You will receive a digital recording of this session.


Anyone looking for an amazing Astrologer?? I just had a reading from my dear friend Jean Luo and OH MY GOSH!!!! She was phenomenal!! The grace and intuition paired with practical astrological placement. There were things that Cameron and I had been discussing about my life path and things that I am going through that she was able to not only see in my chart but able to intuitively pick up the details… I strongly recommend contacting Jean if you would like the insight. Thankfully we are all connected by Internet… So distance and time zone don’t matter. – L.S. from USA

Maureen loved your in depth reading. I too. The things you said to resonate with her very much. It gave her more understanding about herself. And we both felt lifted because of the energy we could feel. Your energy was so soft and warm. You felt like a very warm, spiritual and understanding mother. She was so happy and positive with joy. Thank you very much! – H.G. from the Netherlands

Hello Jean, thank you so very much for the amazing report I’ve just received. The moment I opened it and was browsing through, my heart felt at ease and satisfied that this is the main piece of the puzzle that I need in order not only to know who and why I’m here this time around but move forward with dignity and direction. It gets me wondering why it took me so long to lay my hands on this report. Once more, thank you very much for helping me on my journey. Love and light, – M.C. from Canada

Hi Jean, thank you so much for the astrology reading and chart yesterday.  I have a new perspective on my life’s path. You reached into my head and heart and confirmed so much for me. I felt heard, understood, and loved from you and that is empowering. Thank you again.  Blessings, AM, USA

Hi Jean, thank you so much for everything. I do really mean it and I have gone through all what you had said about me in the report that you sent me, and I am glad I have received it what I wanted to know and this will be one of those moments I will never forget in my life and try to improve which you have mentioned and be as you mentioned in it. Thank you so much! I think there is no word which can describe the work you guys are doing and I really mean it……… thank you would be every small word to appreciate or convey what I wanted to say…..Thank you so so so much! – SBN, India