Affirmation for Relationship with Others

Until you can understand that you are a mirror, and that you see a mirror of yourself in another, you will continue to stumble through life with no direction, not aware of what it is that you have to look at. - Maitreya

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The Importance of Intention

It’s interesting how working on projects can take you to unexpected places in your thinking, sometimes. This was the case for me when I made “The Colors of Sound” Music CD. My goal was to connect notes, and other aspects of sound, with color: to be used in healing and spiritual growth, and to compliment [...]

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How Do You Find Your Life Purpose?

To me the answer to this is clear; just follow your passions in life. But in another way it is extremely difficult because there are many things that get in the way of following your passion. I have a friend, who is also a musician, who said he believed the secret to being happy in [...]

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You Have to Ask for What You Need

I was recently reminded again that the universe provides us with what we need but that we have to ask for it.  My example has to do with money. Recently I was paying my bills and believed I did not have enough money to cover them. I was only a few hundred dollars short; I [...]

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