Pursuing the Freedom of the Higher Self

I have been sick for the past 10 days, clearing away some of the deep unexpressed energy from my throat, sinus, and chest area. Although I did not have a fever, the clearing during this time really affected me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I had to truly slow down everything that my Self urged [...]

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Happy New Year – 2018 The Year of the Sacred Relationship

2018 starts with a beautiful Full Moon in the caring and compassionate sign of Cancer.  This Full Moon showers the earth plane with the energy of love, understanding, intuition and empathy and what better way to begin a New Year?  The synchronicity of this Moon could not be more appropriate as we enter a year [...]

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Learning about Physical Body – Part 2

After my recent surgery the doctors said my recovery should be immediate, which did not happen. I used the medication prescribed and was very disciplined in my diet to get my body to respond and recover. My body did respond initially but then kept regressing or new issues arose as a result of the medication. [...]

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Shanghai Aches and Pains

As I stated in last month’s newsletter, Jean and I have ventured to Shanghai, China to do some teaching with some of the Maitreya China followers. One thing that I quite often experienced in my adventures with Margaret is that a physical ailment always seemed to pop up out of nowhere during our travels. I [...]

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Moving Forward and Letting Go

We are currently in a time of massive energy shifts, downloads, changes and endings, and many people are reeling from what life is presenting to them.  2017 is a Number 1 Year in a 9 Year Cycle. Therefore, this year has been all about planning and preparation for what you can accomplish, do and evolve [...]

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New Beginnings or Next Chapter?

August was an incredible month astrologically with the Lunar eclipse of August 7th and the Solar eclipse on August 21st along with 5 planets being in retrograde. Retrogrades are usually a time to not start something new, but to finish up things that we have started at some point in time, and have not finished. [...]

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Change Habit and Conditioning

One of the purposes of our earthly incarnation is to move away from old habits, patterning and past – life conditioning, and to grow in Spirit. As such, we all have carried certain habits, old patterning and past-life conditioning into this incarnation to deal with. Our cultural origin and traditions, childhood conditioning and programming, social, [...]

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“ Why Can’t I Manifest?” – Part I ©

“ Why Can’t I Manifest?” – Part I © By Dennis Dossett Over the years a number of people have asked me the question, “Why Can’t I Manifest?” Every one of them has tried repeatedly—often for years—to do “everything in their power” to manifest some desire into their lives, but to no avail. I usually [...]

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Everyday Is A Blessing

Growing up I was always envious of my friend’s Moms who were quick with hugs and kisses. A demonstrative emotional warmth that was missing in my relationship with my Mom. My Mom took care of all my physical needs but I experienced her as cold and aloof on an emotional level. As I got older [...]

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