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Becoming your Own Master

Learn to find your passion and live your life based on your own beliefs, not those of others. Transcript: Question: So you talk about being your own master, and that's the path we should take., but in the world we live, we are born, we go to school, we have to get a job [...]

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Does it Really Make a Difference?©

Does it Really Make a Difference?© By Dennis Dossett Several months ago I worked with a client who was having (repeated) relationship issues and wanted to know how to solve the problem. I spoke to her about Maitreya’s teachings regarding life on the earth plane (learning life lessons, balancing karmic energy, and releasing/detaching from [...]

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Are We Prisoners of Our Thoughts?©

Are We Prisoners of Our Thoughts?© By Dennis Dossett It is almost axiomatic in metaphysical circles that “your thoughts create your reality.” And, by the way, quantum physics proves it, so it isn’t just metaphysical “mumbo jumbo”. But quantum physics aside, it isn’t even a new idea. One of my favorite expressions of it [...]

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The Spirituality of Selfishness

Some of you reading this article may have heard me say, “Someday I’m going to write an article about the Spirituality of Selfishness.” And a few of you have probably heard me say it more than once over the years. Maitreya (as channeled by Margaret McElroy) tells us that we have to learn to [...]

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Life Is…

Last week I stepped out into my yard and saw my next-door neighbor standing in his driveway looking at last fall’s dandelions that he hadn’t pulled. They were showing him just how beautifully they had weathered the winter and how lush they were beginning to grow in the first warm days of spring, their [...]

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The Experience of Life

During the month of February, we traveled to 5 cities, Dubai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Dubai was a stopover on our way to India from Seattle and it is in the beautiful country of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Talk about a land of opulence! Everything in Dubai is stunning, from the cars and [...]

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