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Trust in Change

The Universe will never leave you without, unless you have chosen it as a life lesson, or you have a karmic debt to experience. Often the new path will bring you more abundance or wealth, but your Self cannot see that and squirms with fear because it fears the new path!

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Self and Higher Self

The Self is a formidable foe and is ruthless in its persecution of you. We, the Masters, can assist you to understand the Self part of you, and teach you of your Higher Self.

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Making Your Own Choices

Try for one week to live your life without asking another person for help in decision making. Make your own choices and trust your feelings, for it is in this way you will sharpen your intuition and become more alert!

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Spiritual Teachers and Students

The core of my teachings are for the soul to become their own master. My teaching is for those who are leaving their present way of thinking, and want to learn new information. All teachers should rejoice when students move on, for all teachers are there, like me, for a specific time in their students' lives.

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