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  • During the month of February, we traveled to 5 cities, Dubai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Dubai was a stopover on our way to India from Seattle and it is in the beautiful country of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Talk about a land of opulence! Everything in Dubai is stunning, from the car... [read more]
  • Follow what is in your heart, let go of your fears, become your own Master, and you will be able to find your truth and raise your vibration.
  • All of your lives you have been fed a diet of what was right and what was wrong. Very rarely have you been able to make decisions for yourself. This is called conditioning.
  • What does being spiritual mean? It means one is searching, or has searched and found the higher knowledge. It can represent all classes of faith, from orthodox religion to those who do not belong to a faith at all.