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  • Until you can understand that you are a mirror, and that you see a mirror of yourself in another, you will continue to stumble through life with no direction, not aware of what it is that you have to look at. - Maitreya
  • "Remember, this incarnation is about YOU, not about anyone else. Look at yourself in 2015 and learn your life lessons, YOURS, nobody else’s!" - Maitreya
  • "It is a very highly evolved soul who can forgive another, but an even bigger soul who can forgive oneself." - Maitreya
  • "Your purpose in this incarnation is to look at yourself and work through the issues which are still outstanding in your akashic record." - Maitreya
  • Anger is just energy that is frustrated. It is repressed energy which, if it is not expressed, can manifest like an explosion. - Maitreya
  • It seems as of late there are many dealing with some sort of transition in their lives. It might be an ending of a relationship, a new job or even a change in location of residence. All of these changes can affect your emotions and in a big way. There are those that celebrate moving on to a new home... [read more]
  • This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled "Moving Forward". Click Here for more written or video message from Maitreya. Video Transcription: Good day to you! Many of you have coming this world at this time to help humanity move forward. The Earth plane is in a lot turmoil a... [read more]