Feel Good and See Your Daily Life Change

Feel Good and See Your Daily Life Change We are made of energy and as such are like radio transmitters and receivers. In such a scenario, whatever we think and feel emotionally happens - not exactly same as the thought itself but similar situations occur that match our "emotions" or feelings. For example - if [...]

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Happy New Year – 2018 The Year of the Sacred Relationship

2018 starts with a beautiful Full Moon in the caring and compassionate sign of Cancer.  This Full Moon showers the earth plane with the energy of love, understanding, intuition and empathy and what better way to begin a New Year?  The synchronicity of this Moon could not be more appropriate as we enter a year [...]

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Embracing New Energy and Change

The energy we have been experiencing in August is greatly intensified, not only because we have just experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th and also a total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, August 21st, but we also have a lot of other planetary movements in the Sky. Many of us have [...]

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Change Habit and Conditioning

One of the purposes of our earthly incarnation is to move away from old habits, patterning and past – life conditioning, and to grow in Spirit. As such, we all have carried certain habits, old patterning and past-life conditioning into this incarnation to deal with. Our cultural origin and traditions, childhood conditioning and programming, social, [...]

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The Only Constant is Change

Have you ever wondered why the only constant in our lives is change? Why is this you might ask, the answer is fairly simple. The Earth Plane is governed by “Free Will” choice and so the Universe is constantly reacting to our choices as we navigate through life. You might question why the Universe would [...]

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Change Eating Habits

The purpose of life on the Earth Plane is to attain soul growth through working out our karma, releasing past life energy, resolving past life issues and learning our chosen karmic life lessons. One of the hardest lessons among all the life lessons we have chosen to learn is to change our deep ingrained habits [...]

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Affirmation for Accepting and Embracing Change

Affirmation: I accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can. I walk through whatever obstacles and challenges stand on my path with determination, confidence, perseverance and patience.

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Learning Trust?

How do you learn trust you might ask? I am sure you can picture in your mind an incident in your childhood where you were scared and holding onto your mommy or daddy’s arm or leg as tight as you could, just to feel safe. I remember going to Disneyland when I was about 5 [...]

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Changing Lanes

I was driving the other day and viewed the traffic ahead and calculated that if I changed lanes I would avoid some congestion. I quickly shifted lanes, but what I anticipated didn’t happened. The lane I switched too became more clogged than the one I left. I immediately cursed myself and started calculating what to [...]

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Change ©By Dennis Dossett In the days leading up to the rapidly approaching New Year, I began to think about how we humans approach this annual event and the significance we tend to attach to it. Many people make New Year's resolutions, regarding the coming year as a fresh start—a new beginning. But for many [...]

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A New Beginning of 2017

The year of 2016 is a number 9-year, a year of completion and endings. Whenever there is an energy of ending and completion, it always brings change; often the change that happens during such a period of time is sudden, drastic and inevitable. It breaks down the status quo, forces us to move out of [...]

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