Change Eating Habits

The purpose of life on the Earth Plane is to attain soul growth through working out our karma, releasing past life energy, resolving past life issues and learning our chosen karmic life lessons. One of the hardest lessons among all the life lessons we have chosen to learn is to change our deep ingrained [...]

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Affirmation for Accepting and Embracing Change

Affirmation: I accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can. I walk through whatever obstacles and challenges stand on my path with determination, confidence, perseverance and patience.

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Changing Lanes

I was driving the other day and viewed the traffic ahead and calculated that if I changed lanes I would avoid some congestion. I quickly shifted lanes, but what I anticipated didn’t happened. The lane I switched too became more clogged than the one I left. I immediately cursed myself and started calculating what [...]

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Change ©By Dennis Dossett In the days leading up to the rapidly approaching New Year, I began to think about how we humans approach this annual event and the significance we tend to attach to it. Many people make New Year's resolutions, regarding the coming year as a fresh start—a new beginning. But for [...]

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A New Beginning of 2017

The year of 2016 is a number 9-year, a year of completion and endings. Whenever there is an energy of ending and completion, it always brings change; often the change that happens during such a period of time is sudden, drastic and inevitable. It breaks down the status quo, forces us to move out [...]

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Do Not Be Unhappy Anymore!

There is no doubt now that the world is going through a profound change and we are all feeling it. During the past few months I have felt anger, hatred and unacceptance swirling around as world events unfolded. I believe that it is a necessary unfolding and clearing of energy, but wow it feels [...]

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Continually Making Changes in 2016

I can't believe that we are now entering 2016! Where did the year of 2015 go? The Photon Energy is really speeding up time to help all of us make changes along with raising the vibration of the Earth Plane. As we enter 2016, I ask myself what I wish to do with my [...]

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Following the Orders

The last few months have been very unsettling for us as we moved from San Francisco to India, and India to Australia. One of the issues when one becomes metaphysical, is that your own free will is no longer in use, as one has to give it up to follow the requests and directions [...]

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Change and Fear

I learned the saying a long time ago in school that the only thing that is constant is change. Sooner or later someone or something forces or nudges us to change. That someone could even be you as you gain more knowledge or understanding of what surrounds you and doesn’t make any sense to [...]

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