My Afternoon with Maitreya

I’d been wandering aimlessly through my years on this earth searching for my life’s purpose until I stumbled upon Margaret McElroy and her spiritual center. As a student of Maitreya, not only did I receive assistance but also was informed of the direction in which to begin my journey. Once my drawing abilities expanded and [...]

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What is “Truth”?

I have spent a major portion of my life trying to find “truth”, and most of my life I believed that I had found it. I have always believed that there is a single, all-encompassing “truth” and that differences between one truth and another were just “variations on a theme.” But it was the theme [...]

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A Psychic Artist?

Nervous energy flowed through me that first night of the ten week intuitive development class I had signed up for. With no idea what to expect, I finally resigned myself to be open to whatever my experience would bring and hoped for at least an interesting night. Little did I know just how interesting that [...]

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So You Want to Be a Channel?

Many people often to express to me their desire to be a channel for Spirit, but often they don’t feel that they are worthy enough to fulfill the task. Being a channel is not about becoming more Holy, spiritual, or Godly; it is about learning to move the Self part of you aside and to [...]

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