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Change ©By Dennis Dossett In the days leading up to the rapidly approaching New Year, I began to think about how we humans approach this annual event and the significance we tend to attach to it. Many people make New Year's resolutions, regarding the coming year as a fresh start—a new beginning. But for [...]

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Looking for Rainbows

The last several years have been an adventure to say the least. We closed down operations in Issaquah, Washington; let some friendships go, created new friendships, lived in India a couple different times with a year sojourn to San Francisco and a three-month Australian stint. There were many different experiences along the way with [...]

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Video: Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People

This is a video blog by Margaret McElroy titled "Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?" Things in your life happen for a reason. You have chosen them in your natal chart. Do not look upon bad things as something unpleasant. Look upon them as something that will help you to move along in [...]

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Choice, It’s Your Birthright!

Korinne and I were watching America’s got talent the other night, which, along with the other reality talent shows around the world offer some incredibly inspirational stories. The obstacles that some of these contestants had to overcome on their journeys to their 3-minute chance at fame are incredibly inspirational. If you haven’t seen any [...]

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Who Can You Trust, Alternative or Conventional Medicine?

In the metaphysical world it amazes me how easily modern medicine is discounted for natural remedies and homeopathy doctors. People act like zealots with their newfound knowledge along with the new perception of themselves, their lives and the world they live in. It’s as if the world they lived in no longer exists and [...]

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Hope or Expect?

Several days ago while driving on the freeway, I was listening to a conversation on the radio between the host and her guest regarding some upcoming event (I don’t even remember what it was about). I was struck by the guest’s repeated use of the word “hope” as she described the various steps required [...]

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Life Is…

Last week I stepped out into my yard and saw my next-door neighbor standing in his driveway looking at last fall’s dandelions that he hadn’t pulled. They were showing him just how beautifully they had weathered the winter and how lush they were beginning to grow in the first warm days of spring, their [...]

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