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  • Try for one week to live your life without asking another person for help in decision making. Make your own choices and trust your feelings, for it is in this way you will sharpen your intuition and become more alert!
  • The Divine Spirit gave you choice; without choice you would be a robot. However, the choices you make can be based on fear, anger, and conflict. For on the Earth plane, the Self reigns 90% of the time!
  • What one ingests food wise on the Earth plane should be a personal choice without ridicule by those who think differently, or do not agree with the person's choice. One should not feel guilty because one does.
  • In your life plan you develop choices of how you will accomplish something. It is those choices that make up the free will part of your destiny path.
  • It is better to be a vegetarian or to eat meat? Does spirituality have anything to do with the diet that you choose? Watch this video for Maitreya's answers.
  • Once you return to the Other Side after death, you review your life and assess if you have completed your karma in the way you had intended to, or if you created further karma in the process.
  • Each one of you has chosen lessons to learn as part of your incarnation in this life; many of you, however, never learn those lessons because you are swayed by others to stay in the comfort zone.