Card #55 – Meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is a way to be quiet, to relax the mind and body, and connect to the soul (Spirit) within. By being in a relaxed state, your mind becomes quiet and you are able to tune into your inner world for answers and guidance. All of the answers you need lie [...]

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Communication in the World of Spirit

When asked how communication works in the World of the Ascended Masters, Maitreya describes how messages are passed by thought. Transcript: Question: How do you communicate in your world? Do you use language? Maitreya: No, you have no voice, you do it via thought. For instance if you send out a thought [...]

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Is Everyone Capable of Communicating with Those on the Other Side?

Maitreya comments on how fear can prevent spiritual communication from taking place. If the fear is removed, everyone can participate in this communication. Transcript: Question: Is everyone capable of communicating with those on the other side? Maitreya: Yes, however if one has fear. You know my channel, regularly saw things as a [...]

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Communication is one of the most important and key factors in all human relationships. What we communicate and how we communicate can lead to positive results in relating to each other – unite, support, respect, peace and harmony, or to ‘negative’ consequences in relating to each other - conflict, fighting, dissension, division and destruction. [...]

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The Only Constant is Change

Have you ever wondered why the only constant in our lives is change? Why is this you might ask, the answer is fairly simple. The Earth Plane is governed by “Free Will” choice and so the Universe is constantly reacting to our choices as we navigate through life. You might question why the Universe [...]

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Time Out for Spirit

Early in my spiritual journey, it was easy to stay connected. There were teachers, classes, workshops, personal monthly or weekly meetings of some kind. It was easy when I was Margaret’s student every Thursday, or when my Shamanic Practices class met once a month for a full day, and had homework in between. But [...]

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Video: Who is My Spirit Guide?

This is a video blog by Margaret McElroy titled "Who is My Spirit Guide?" It is not important to know who is your spirit guide. Just know that you have many guides and helpers from the other side to help and guide you in your life journey on the Earth plane.

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Video: Why is it Cold when Ghost is Around?

This is a video blog by Margaret McElroy titled "Why is it Cold when Ghost is Around?". When you feel a cold sensation around you, don't be alarmed, it is just a way for spirit or someone you know who have passed over to let you know they are around you and communicate with you.

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What Is Your Pet Mirroring for You?

The universe is constantly communicating to us. This can be in the form of "chance" conversations, accidents that are never accidents but force us to see and understand something we're avoiding.  It can be a television programme we switch on to, a deer that crosses our path, a word of advice from a stranger that conveys the answer [...]

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