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  • Each one of us is on a journey, for some it is a public journey with all the pitfalls that public life brings. For others it is a quiet life, unobtrusive and private, but not without its moments of pain, sadness, sorrow and heartache along with many other emotions. Rarely, does someone go from birth... [read more]
  • I had a friend who had been married 5 times and could not understand why she kept attracting the same kind of husband. I explained to her there was something she was not learning, and when she did learn, the patterning would be no more. Husband number 6 came in and this time I offered to help her fi... [read more]
  • We are often told we are the creators of our own reality, this means we can choose the situations in our lives and have control over them. Many do not know though that each year, we can choose our future, and create our own reality. It is done through a solar return report. Not only do we choose the... [read more]
  • I was asked the other day if I had a pet ‘peeve?’ A pet peeve is where something aggravates or annoys you to the extent it bothers your life. I had to think, as over the years with Maitreya I have let go of so many ‘pet peeves.’ In the beginning 30 years ago when I began my metaphysical path, I had ... [read more]
  • In order to work with my channel Margaret, she first of all had to raise her vibration. In the beginning it was slow, and she was what is known as a conscious channel. She was aware of my energy and my thoughts, which I blended with hers, but she was still conscious while I came through to give the ... [read more]
  • When asked how communication works in the World of the Ascended Masters, Maitreya describes how messages are passed by thought. Transcript: Question: How do you communicate in your world? Do you use language? Maitreya: No, you have no voice, you do it via thought. For instance if you send o... [read more]