Maitreya Quote on Compassion and Understanding

"Yes, have compassion and understanding, but have no desire to be involved in another's problem or concerns. By doing this, one has TRUE compassion and understanding, and follows spiritual law!" ~ Maitreya

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Affirmation for Focusing on Changing Ourselves from within

Affirmation: "I focus on changing myself from within, it will inevitably bring more compassion and positive transformation to the world around me."

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The New Year

As I write this I am taken back to the past year in review. Humanity has been through so much in the last 12 months. Our nation has endured the most emotionally exhausting election I can remember. No matter what side you were on, there was so much emotionally charged energy in the air, [...]

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Respect Each Other

It saddens me to watch humanity treating each other with no respect; whether it is in politics, in the media, in society or human relationships, culture, religion or different belief systems. So much fear, anger and hatred are being brought to the surface nationwide through the US presidential campaign and election. Issues around racialism, [...]

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Learning through Testing

As I write this newsletter, we are all moving into our new house. The last four years have been a trial and a real testing time for us, astrologically for all of us it has all been there, every agonizing painful moment. We were not to know the following four years would be the [...]

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Being an Empath

Much of my life was spent totally unaware of the empathic gift I was endowed with. Growing up, I’d watch certain relatives tear up for seemingly no reason and wonder if they were losing their grip on reality. It wasn’t until later in my mid-forties that I actually began to do the same. The [...]

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Spirituality is Not What You Think it is

"Compassion has always been a sought-after virtue in the path of spirituality, along with love and kindness, but what if we are wrong in our thinking? I was thinking along the same lines until my spiritual teacher Maitreya told me I was not only wrong, I was causing bad karma by practicing established beliefs. [...]

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