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  • This week as I write this newsletter, I lost a graduate student of mine who was also a dear friend. All of my students become my friends, unless of course they choose not to be, and for me having them as friends is just the way I am. Losing my friend brought up many thoughts about life and life’s jo... [read more]
  • Once you leave the Earth plane there is no time as you know it. Our world is without clocks, timepieces and personal watches; time as you know it is irrelevant to us. So many souls when they return home to us, are concerned about time, but they are often upset that time is no longer meaningful and a... [read more]
  • There is no status in spiritual realms. It does not matter who you are, or what you have done, each soul on passing into the spiritual realms has to go through the same ritual. That ritual is to be welcomed back home, to rest after life's journey, and to then "face the hall of mirrors". Many sou... [read more]
  • Maitreya discusses if there is prior awareness of the death process. Transcript: Question: Do we choose when we are going to die? Maitreya: Yes, each one of you inside of you knows when your time is up. There are some who go home prematurely, you are sent back and told it’s not your time ye... [read more]
  • Through the eyes of my channel I have been watching the fear that has been distributed about the flu which has been given the name “Swine Flu.” There have always been plagues and illnesses caused by viruses. You as a soul, through your natal chart and your daily transits, decide whether you will exp... [read more]
  • Maitreya explains the process of what happens to the Soul when the body dies. Transcript: Question: Maitreya, what happens immediately after I die, let's just assume I just died from heart attack, what happens immediately afterwards? Maitreya: First of all, it depends how you look at it, be... [read more]
  • Fear is absolutely terrible, and if one cannot face the fear and remove it, it can stop one's entire life and destiny. We have come to face our fear, but how many do that? Not many will. Usually the fear is because of a past life.
  • The Ultimate Being, whom you know as God, is ever present in our world; the love from this energy can be felt all over our world. It is total unconditional love, and as such never judges or chooses one soul over another.
  • If we look at our family experiences from a continuum of incarnations, I know it would help us to better cope and understand the myriad of situations that arise.