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  • In Astrology, our life purpose is encoded in the north and south node of the moon. The North Node of the Moon represents our karmic paths and the lessons we came here to learn, it is our destiny - a new path to attain soul growth that we set up for ourselves in this incarnation. Its exact opposite p... [read more]
  • Free Will © By Dennis Dossett As a young person I was deeply concerned with the question of “free will” versus “pre-determination” or “destiny.” I rejected the whole concept of destiny because it seemed to me that God gave us free will and that anything that threatened that free will was to be a... [read more]
  • This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled "Your Spirit". Click Here for more written or video message from Maitreya. Video Transcription: My talk with you at this time is all about your spirit. You do have a spirit. It is the soul, it is the integral part of you. Your body is... [read more]
  • You do not know how much of your life is spent in past life energy! You wander through life; oblivious as to what you are doing regarding past life experiences. 85% of your life experiences are caused by past life experiences; everything you do is created by past life energy; the Universe creates th... [read more]
  • It is winter now, and the first snowfall of the season has begun. From misty clouds the ether transforms into tiny crystals of matter, Like sparkling diamonds, reflecting the Light of their Source within. ... Just like us.   Some flakes drift gently in their lazy descent to the g... [read more]
  • I believe that we all have something deep in our heart that we wish to do or were inspired to do by the incident or event we experienced at some stage of our lives, and we may have buried or lost it while we were swimming through the twists and turns in the course of life. However, the Universe know... [read more]
  • In your life plan you develop choices of how you will accomplish something. It is those choices that make up the free will part of your destiny path.
  • Nobody else can be blamed for your life experiences; all was chosen before birth. Once you can accept and understand this, then life itself becomes easier.