Life Is about Your Own Life Plan

Those of you on the Earth plane have come to work out your own life plan, to repay karma and to live your own life. Many of you though, feel you need to live the life for another, ignoring your own life and life lessons. My channel was surprised when visiting India that the [...]

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Returning To The Absolute

When our stock investments go up, we are happy. When our health improves, we are happy. When our love relationships are smooth, we are happy. When somebody says something nice about us, we are happy. When the reverse happens, we become unhappy. When good things (or what we perceive to be good things) happen [...]

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Free Will©

Free Will © By Dennis Dossett As a young person I was deeply concerned with the question of “free will” versus “pre-determination” or “destiny.” I rejected the whole concept of destiny because it seemed to me that God gave us free will and that anything that threatened that free will was to be actively [...]

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It is winter now, and the first snowfall of the season has begun. From misty clouds the ether transforms into tiny crystals of matter, Like sparkling diamonds, reflecting the Light of their Source within. ... Just like us. Some flakes drift gently in their lazy descent to the ground, Others are blown about by [...]

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Why Do I want To Be A Healer?

I believe that we all have something deep in our heart that we wish to do or were inspired to do by the incident or event we experienced at some stage of our lives, and we may have buried or lost it while we were swimming through the twists and turns in the course [...]

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