Detach, But Don’t Be Detached!©

  Detach, But Don’t Be Detached!© Maitreya (one of my wisest teachers) often speaks of “trapped” or “unused” energies as one of the major issues we need to deal with during our time here on the earth plane. He often speaks of “detaching” from these energies because they prevent us from progressing in soul evolution [...]

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In the world today there is so much conflict in families; brother against brother, sister against sister, mother against her children. Humanity talks about peace on earth, no war, and yet you cannot change the world until you can change yourself and work through your family fighting, your anger, frustration and fear. 80% of [...]

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Give It No Energy!” – Part II ©

“Give It No Energy!” – Part II © By Dennis Dossett Last month we examined the“it” in this frequently repeated phrase from Maitreya and learned that “it” is the Self part of each of us that tries to maintain control of every aspect of our lives by playing on the present and past-life debris [...]

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“Give It No Energy!” – Part I ©

“Give It No Energy!” – Part I © By Dennis Dossett In counseling my clients over the past few months regarding situations in their lives, I have often quoted Maitreya's advice to “Give it no energy!” What has surprised me is how often a client then asks me, “What exactly do you mean by [...]

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Peace Begins with Each One of Us

The shocking result of the American election has created so much emotional reaction to so many people both nationwide and worldwide. It shows how our human choices are dictated, controlled and manipulated by the Self-part of us through our own emotions, beliefs and conditioning. The result of the USA presidential election shows that the [...]

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My Journey with Spirit – by Christine Burn

Years ago, I was a housewife in an unhappy marriage with an alcoholic husband. All through my life, if there is anything I really need to know, I see a picture of whatever it is inside my closed eyes when I wake up in the morning. One morning, after a day when I had [...]

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What is the Most Efficient Way to Raise Your Vibration-1?

Last month we looked at seven different ways to find Joy in life, all of which mirrored how to find happiness. And since “Happiness is a guidepost on the road to joy,” all seven can be used to help lead you to finding and creating true joy in your life. However, there is an [...]

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How Can I Find Joy?

Following previous newsletter articles in which I examined how we can find happiness in our lives, last month, I argued that joy and happiness are related but very different emotional states. However, opinions as to how to find joy exactly mirror the same causes as those leading to happiness. As a brief review, there [...]

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Joy versus Happiness

Over the past three issues of this newsletter I have written about “What Is Happiness?” and “How Can I Find Happiness?” (Parts 1 and 2). As I researched and wrote, I kept running into what I considered to be a problem until just today. The problem (as I saw it) was that Happiness and [...]

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How Can I Find Happiness? – Part 2

A few months ago we examined the question of “What is Happiness?” from the perspectives of many different individuals. Last month I researched the question of “How Can I Find Happiness?” and found considerable agreement from a wide range of people regarding the importance of these factors. But there is also extensive agreement on [...]

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We continuously encounter our emotions in all facets of our lives. Let’s face it; the Earth plane is just an emotional school of learning. We have chosen the curriculum of this plane of existence to allow us to work through the power of emotion on a couple different levels. Unfortunately, I think most of [...]

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Where’s Your Emotional Quicksand?

I came across an article the other day on “Quicksand”. I remember seeing cowboy movies when I was a child where the villain got stuck in it, then slowly sank to their demise. I actually thought quicksand was a myth, but I read a team of researchers from France and The Netherlands actually studied [...]

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