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  • Maitreya talks about how living in the now can assist you in increasing your awareness, being detached, and not creating any new karma. Transcript: Question: Can you talk about the karma we create on a daily basis? Maitreya: It is difficult because you on the Earth plane are not aware of, u... [read more]
  • Love is without fear or doubt; love does not want to please, or make someone happy. Love is joy that all in the world is well. With love, you need nothing; without love, you are continually trying to find companionship.
  • We continuously encounter our emotions in all facets of our lives. Let’s face it; the Earth plane is just an emotional school of learning. We have chosen the curriculum of this plane of existence to allow us to work through the power of emotion on a couple different levels. Unfortunately, I think mo... [read more]
  • I came across an article the other day on “Quicksand”. I remember seeing cowboy movies when I was a child where the villain got stuck in it, then slowly sank to their demise. I actually thought quicksand was a myth, but I read a team of researchers from France and The Netherlands actually studied th... [read more]
  • Maitreya explains that one of the purposes of living on the Earth plane is to learn to let go of your emotions. Once you can achieve detachment, you can gain true clarity on your life.
  • Maitreya explains such things as the comfort zone, change, and how your emotions can cloud your vision. By learning to step aside, you can see the truth as it really is.
  • You fear so many things and you get upset with what people say to you. All the while you are doing so, you are stopping the flow of energy, which is your right to have and receive.