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  • This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled "Forgive Yourself". Click Here for more written or video message from Maitreya. Video Transcription: Forgive Yourself Good day to you! For many on the metaphysical or spiritual path, one of the hardest thing to do is to forgive you... [read more]
  • Although I have been studying medical astrology for a few years by myself and have done a few readings for friends or people I know, I did not do it for people I do not know. Recently, I did my first paid medical astrology consultation for a client. I am thrilled not only by the presence of intense ... [read more]
  • I never realized how negative my thinking was until one day I noticed my mind chatter. One day, while I was focused on coloring a Mandala, I was clearly hearing my thoughts in my mind in the background - judging and criticizing others, making negative comments about others and myself, complaining ab... [read more]
  • There is much misunderstanding about the role of viruses and the spiritual person. It is often thought that if one has raised one’s vibration spiritually, then one should not get ill or contract viruses. This thinking is wrong. When a person has raised their vibration, they have done so in the spiri... [read more]