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Past Life Energy

Emotion is an energy. The purpose of your life on the Earth plane is to move out of this energy, to control and distance yourself away from the emotional body. Only by doing this can you then see through the illusion of the Earth plane. This does not mean you are devoid of feeling, [...]

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Embrace the Energy

Embrace the Energy Embrace the Energy and ask the question, Why? I went to an event the other night on Pranic Healing. The young lady demonstrated techniques to clean your or someone else’s energy field. One technique she recommended was taking a saltwater bath to cleanse your aura. Jean and I actually do lavender and [...]

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Everything in the human world is interconnected. We are all related to someone or something from the very beginning of our birth. Thus, relating is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives, but it also quite often the most difficult area in our lives and the hardest life lesson we have [...]

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Controlling the Emotional Body

Living in the UK, the past couple of weeks have been quite intense emotionally. In a country becoming increasingly apathetic politically, the Brexit debate has brought out strong emotions on both sides. Maybe strong emotions are better than apathy; at least people are getting involved. The intensity of emotions however, has brought an interesting [...]

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Twenty-eight years ago, I sat in my basement office at home grading final exams and term papers for my classes at the university where I taught. I remember muttering and bemoaning the ineptitude and incompetence of some of my Ph.D. students who couldn’t write a complete, grammatically correct sentence – let alone the mindless [...]

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I Dare You!

OK, just bear with me for a bit. Stop reading, close your eyes, and just FEEL for a moment. Are you feeling good? If so, that’s great! Please stop reading this article and go on to the next one in this newsletter. Come back to this point when you are not feeling good. I [...]

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What is the Most Efficient Way to Raise Your Vibration -2?

Last month we examined the question, “What is the most efficient way to raise your vibration?” What will give you the greatest amount of progress the fastest? The answer is really very straightforward, and last month I gave you a hint: it’s all in the numbers. To do that, we looked at the case [...]

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