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  • All fears, doubts and memories from your past lives are trapped in your emotional body. Learn to release that past life energy and you will raise your vibration immensely.
  • From the moment of its conception, the thought becomes reality. Every time you think – whether good or bad a thought – you immediately set up a reality. You create a thought about something or someone. That thought is destined to manifest.
  • Everything is energy, even the rock in the garden has energy. So is money. Only when humanity learns to understand about energy and use it wisely, can the Earth plane change.
  • You fear so many things and you get upset with what people say to you. All the while you are doing so, you are stopping the flow of energy, which is your right to have and receive.
  • During your incarnation, many of you will meet with those you have been with before. For some of you, the feelings and emotions will be so overwhelming that you believe you are in love.