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What Does 2018 Hold?

Ironically, 2018 in numerology is an 11, which is a Master number. The main positive trait of this Master number is being very capable through setting specific goals and using your intuitive instincts to lead you and guide you to accomplishing the concrete goals you set for yourself. If we get caught up in [...]

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My Journey of Fighting My Fear of Failure

In the past few years I have often dreamt that I was unable to jump down to the ground a few feet below from where I stood, or climb a steep mountain, or walk a narrow path along a cliff without falling helplessly into the abyss, or simply ride a bike down a hill. [...]

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I Am Complete!

Time and again I have felt fearful about certain things in life, but I hadn't really given much thought to it. But in recent times, maybe it has been from the time I started practicing meditation, I have felt the anxiety and fear and questioned its existence more. It could be because I focused [...]

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Spiritual Path

Many think the spiritual path is the path of the prayer, meditation, service and believing in God...it is, but the spiritual path and spirituality is much more than that. To be spiritual also means to make decisions- decisions that are often very hard. Decisions that can also affect other people lives. Decisions that you [...]

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2015 – Forewarned is Forearmed

Happy New Year, another year is under our belts as we wander through life. I remember when we geared up for the new millennium and all the computers were going to crash and people were storing away a couple years of food. Then we headed towards 2012 and since the Mayan calendar supposedly ended, [...]

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The Holiday’s!

The year has just flown by, our surroundings have drastically changed from India to California and we are now settled into our new habitat as the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is descending upon us. In a way it is like being put back into the comfort zone of familiar surroundings [...]

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Things continue to get crazier and crazier in a world that is gripped by fear. Fear tends to paralyze our rationality and unleashes actions that create many more problems than solutions. We are bombarded by fear infused stories 24 hours a day from water cooler conversations at work to the 24-hour news cycle to [...]

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