Fear is an Illusion

Fear stops you from moving forward in your life. Fear is simply an illusion, a fabrication of the Self. Transcript: Alan: Fear is an illusion, face it and it ceases to be. Face your fears and allow the happiness and joy into your life that you’re rightfully deserve. Maitreya: Fear is a terrible energy [...]

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Becoming your Own Master

Learn to find your passion and live your life based on your own beliefs, not those of others. Transcript: Question: So you talk about being your own master, and that's the path we should take., but in the world we live, we are born, we go to school, we have to get a job [...]

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Be Appreciative, Not Just Grateful

A couple of weeks ago I was researching the topic of “gratitude” for a book I am writing. Everybody (“big names”) and his brother (mostly “little names”) extolled the virtues of gratitude in one's spiritual life. However, some of the examples they provided just didn't seem to fit the point they were trying to make. [...]

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Working Towards Your Dream

2016 for me seems to be a good year for working towards making your dreams a reality. I know many people who are doing this, from writing a book to starting a healing business. My dream is to sell my artwork. I had previously been working on this, but had come to a dead end. [...]

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Learning to Let Go of Material Possessions

During my growing up years, I lived in a country of poverty (It has been completely changed now). My family, like most of the families in our country at that time period, lived with very limited material supplies. The very basic materials, such as food, clothing, sugar, salt and meat, etc. were given to us [...]

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The Learning Never Stops!

So it is the beginning of a new year! Each year brings us lessons to learn on our journey in life. For Alan, Jean, Korinne and I, the last few years have been very trying indeed. Without warning the way our lives were being lived was taken away and replaced by very difficult times! Three [...]

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Continually Making Changes in 2016

I can't believe that we are now entering 2016! Where did the year of 2015 go? The Photon Energy is really speeding up time to help all of us make changes along with raising the vibration of the Earth Plane. As we enter 2016, I ask myself what I wish to do with my life [...]

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Change and Fear

I learned the saying a long time ago in school that the only thing that is constant is change. Sooner or later someone or something forces or nudges us to change. That someone could even be you as you gain more knowledge or understanding of what surrounds you and doesn’t make any sense to you [...]

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Don’t Let What Other People Believe Stop You

In the past I have been the kind of person who would rather not stand out from the crowd (though somehow I always seemed to stand out anyway lol). I doubted the general consensus and was against it but wouldn't speak up for fear of people thinking that I was strange, etc. I think on some level [...]

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Learning to Love Yourself

I had a tough realization recently. I can't remember exactly how it happened, though the moon was in Aries (as is my natal moon) and I have been noticing this seems to trigger emotional situations for me. Also it was just before my menstrual cycle, though I didn't realise this and this can sometimes create emotional [...]

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I lived in one house for 21 years until I got pregnant with my oldest daughter Jennie and then I moved to live in a different town; I would have stayed at home indefinitely, but my parents could not handle the shame and gossip about my pregnancy and being unmarried, so we moved, and once [...]

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Depression isn't something I normally have to deal with. I have had periods of depression in the past, but it was a long time ago and normally I tend to get angry rather than depressed. Neither are that great to experience, but at least when you are angry, it strangely makes you feel empowered and [...]

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Letting Go

This week as I write this newsletter, I lost a graduate student of mine who was also a dear friend. All of my students become my friends, unless of course they choose not to be, and for me having them as friends is just the way I am. Losing my friend brought up many thoughts [...]

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