Maitreya Quote on Fear and How to Face It

"Fear is a wall of darkness one cannot penetrate until one day one says, "I am going to walk through the wall, it is only an illusion." and one walks through to come out at the other end free of that energy which has held you back for perhaps incarnation after incarnation." ~ Maitreya

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Maitreya Quote on Facing Fear and Spiritual Growth

"Look at your fears. What are they? Where are they? Make a list of them. One by one work through them. As you do so, you will become stronger. You will clear blocks that have been there often for many lifetimes and you will progress spiritually. " ~ Maitreya

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Fear Leads to Darkness

The world is in a pretty dark place as I channel this message, so much strife, fear and loss. The darkness is all over the world, refugee’s fighting for survival and a place to live; fear of the future, fear of life itself! It is in this environment one asks, where is God, how [...]

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Is Everyone Capable of Communicating with Those on the Other Side?

Maitreya comments on how fear can prevent spiritual communication from taking place. If the fear is removed, everyone can participate in this communication. Transcript: Question: Is everyone capable of communicating with those on the other side? Maitreya: Yes, however if one has fear. You know my channel, regularly saw things as a [...]

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