Fear Leads to Darkness

It is only when fear is removed on the earth plane that the earth plane can move forward in vibration, it can take a long or a short time; it is up to humanity to choose when.

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Is Everyone Capable of Communicating with Those on the Other Side?

Maitreya comments on how fear can prevent spiritual communication from taking place. If the fear is removed, everyone can participate in this communication. Transcript: Question: Is everyone capable of communicating with those on the other side? Maitreya: Yes, however if one has fear. You know my channel, regularly saw things as a [...]

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Clearing Out Fear Based Emotions

Learn about the process of removing any fear-based emotions from your etheric body. Transcript: Question: Is it possible to fully clearing out all of fear based emotions that we carry? Maitreya: To a degree. When you are on a high spiritual level you can remove 80% of that, but you are constantly [...]

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Fear is an Illusion

Fear stops you from moving forward in your life. Fear is simply an illusion, a fabrication of the Self. Transcript: Alan: Fear is an illusion, face it and it ceases to be. Face your fears and allow the happiness and joy into your life that you’re rightfully deserve. Maitreya: Fear is a terrible energy [...]

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Becoming your Own Master

Learn to find your passion and live your life based on your own beliefs, not those of others. Transcript: Question: So you talk about being your own master, and that's the path we should take., but in the world we live, we are born, we go to school, we have to get a job [...]

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Be Appreciative, Not Just Grateful

A couple of weeks ago I was researching the topic of “gratitude” for a book I am writing. Everybody (“big names”) and his brother (mostly “little names”) extolled the virtues of gratitude in one's spiritual life. However, some of the examples they provided just didn't seem to fit the point they were trying to make. [...]

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Working Towards Your Dream

2016 for me seems to be a good year for working towards making your dreams a reality. I know many people who are doing this, from writing a book to starting a healing business. My dream is to sell my artwork. I had previously been working on this, but had come to a dead end. [...]

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Learning to Let Go of Material Possessions

During my growing up years, I lived in a country of poverty (It has been completely changed now). My family, like most of the families in our country at that time period, lived with very limited material supplies. The very basic materials, such as food, clothing, sugar, salt and meat, etc. were given to us [...]

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