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  • Discover how the Dark Side of you, known as the Self (Ego), can affect how you interpret and take on the words of others. Learn to accept your beauty and worth instead of doubting yourself, and words from others will no longer be able to take you to a negative place.
  • Maitreya explains how other lifeforms have been visiting Earth for many centuries, and yet because of humanity's conditioning and fears, communication with them has been prevented.
  • You are all mirrors for each other. What you see in another that you do not like or which annoys you is what you need to look at within yourself. It is an aspect of yourself which is being brought to your attention.
  • The purpose of life is to grow in Spirit. Life is a school, an education. All those who come into your life are the teachers. Every soul acts as a mirror for you. Every soul is a teacher.
  • Fear is when you know or feel you cannot do something. Although fear is a surface emotion, the cause of it is always connected to two reasons.
  • The whole purpose of your spiritual path is to let go of and move on from the emotional body. It is the emotional body which the Self hangs on to, holding on to the fear, doubt, jealousy, anger, greed etc.
  • I am often asked: "Is there a Hell?" My answer to this is always: "No, there is not a Hell, but the Earth plane is Hell."
  • Humanity has never understood sexual energy. It is not wrong to think of sex...what is wrong is to keep the energy inside, not to use it, and then to have problems because of this.