Anger and Forgiveness

So many souls are bringing to the surface incredible anger and frustration caused by others’ past actions and by even their own actions in their own life.

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Forgiveness is something not easy to do; it should be easy but the Self-part of you will do all it can to bring anger and frustration into your life. It is hard to have compassion and forgiveness when one is angry and frustrated.

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True Forgiveness

Life is full of choices and it is how we learn. We get to experience the consequences of our decisions. Some hurt more than others, some last longer than others, some turn out so incredible, some are a complete disaster, but in the end we’re allowed to experience an aspect of ourselves with each and [...]

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About Water

I am very honored and grateful to have been asked by Jean to write in Maitraya’s newsletter. I would also like to send my condolence and love to Maitraya team in the passing of Margaret. The energy of Margaret will continue to live and grow, for it is love. I was a student of Margaret/Maitreya. [...]

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In 1992 I made the decision to leave my first husband after 23 years of marriage. Our two children had left home and there was nothing in our marriage anymore. I had been metaphysical for 7 years, he had become a nudist, spending weekends with his nudist friends; it was an area of life at [...]

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An Eye for Eye, Judgment, Karma, Forgiveness

From my Scorpio perspective, an “eye for an eye” feeds the revenge aspect of the Scorpio energy. This quote can be found from the perspective of retaliation or retribution throughout the Old Testament in the Christian Bible. It is also found in its’ non-violent form, “turn the other cheek” in the book of Matthew in [...]

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