In My Father’s Workshop©

In My Father's Workshop © By Dennis Dossett In 1977 when I was taking a metaphysical class, we were given a homework assignment to write an essay comparing Santa Claus and God. I found it to be a very interesting assignment and highly recommend it for your meditations and/or journaling as the Holiday Season approaches. Fast [...]

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And God Said, “NO!”

I don’t discuss this very much. Many would certainly think I am nuts, and those who think they understand are likely to regard it as boasting or the telltale sign of an overactive ego. Aside from that, it is intensely personal, and I am not very comfortable discussing it. Nonetheless, I was directed to do [...]

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What is “Truth”?

I have spent a major portion of my life trying to find “truth”, and most of my life I believed that I had found it. I have always believed that there is a single, all-encompassing “truth” and that differences between one truth and another were just “variations on a theme.” But it was the theme [...]

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