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  • Maitreya discusses the importance of color and how it was used throughout India's history. Transcript: Question: Can you make commend on the choice of colors that Indian women wear? Maitreya: In the beginning, Indian men and women, great knowledge was given about color, and how important it... [read more]
  • An ECHO is an Energetic Consciousness HOlogram, or ECHO for short. Traditional psychotherapy has long recognized that, when we experience trauma, a part us splits off in order to protect us from conscious awareness of the trauma.
  • If you have a pet, count yourself very special, for your animal chose you and you chose your animal, you are indeed blessed and your life will be changed because of that.
  • My son, who is not what I would term a spiritual man, (he is 43 now) collects Buddhas, but they have to be fat Buddhas. He also lives near a Buddhist Temple. He WAS a Buddhist in a past life and has brought this part of his past life through to this life. I once had a friend in New Zealand, who when... [read more]
  • Do you know that each color resonates to a part of your body, mind and soul, and each color relates to a set of personality and characteristics? Do you know that the color you are drawn to has a message for you? That message not only assists you to work with your talents and gifts, but also helps yo... [read more]
  • There are two reasons why you could experience health problems in your life. It can be because you brought the energy from your past lives, or because you chose to experience ill health for your own learning.