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  • Many people worry about if they are being too emotional, or if their emotions are getting the better of them. This is the Self talking, because it wants you to hold onto your sadness, anger, vengeance, hatred, fear, etc.
  • The Higher Self in humanity is beginning to take control. The Self part of humanity, the ego you could call it, which has been in control since humans came to the Earth plane, is losing the battle of supremacy.
  • The Higher Self cannot move forward until the Self is either fully or partially removed. Over incarnations the Self part of you has taken control and now, today, has a full control. Learning about the Self is the only way for the Higher Self to conquer the Self.
  • When making a decision, it can be difficult to know if you are listening to the Self or Higher Self part of you. Listen to Maitreya's explanation of how to discern the difference.
  • The month of May has been all about setting new foundations. Whenever you experience changes in your life, you will go through a time when you are building things up once again. This is one of the aspects of change that many find so difficult, as the Self feels like it is out of control. However, wh... [read more]
  • From the minute of Earth time that you are born you begin the path to repaying your karma, receiving karma, and to clearing your Akashic record. If you can do it in this incarnation, then you free yourself from the wheel of life.
  • I am often asked: "Is there a Hell?" My answer to this is always: "No, there is not a Hell, but the Earth plane is Hell."
  • The Self sees itself as perfect. It will argue with you to preserve its own truth. It can never see a positive outcome of any situation!
  • You are in the illusion, because of the Self, you cannot see beyond this reality, but there is another 'reality' beyond the illusion and it can only be seen when one raises one's vibration. As that happens, as one raises one's vibration, it becomes possible to see through the illusion.