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My Journey of Fighting My Fear of Failure

In the past few years I have often dreamt that I was unable to jump down to the ground a few feet below from where I stood, or climb a steep mountain, or walk a narrow path along a cliff without falling helplessly into the abyss, or simply ride a bike down a hill. [...]

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Creative Living

When we last met on these pages, I related how I had asked God, “How may I serve you today, Lord?” and received the answer, “Be your Highest Self.”. The more I pondered this answer, the more I realized that, in fact, the most beautiful, simple, and practical answer to all questions regarding “What [...]

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“Be Your Highest Self”

Several years ago I read an amazing little book entitled Letters by a Modern Mystic, by Frank Laubach (New Readers Press, 1979). It is a diary of his daily experiment to practice the presence of God “moment by moment” throughout the day. He began his experiment in 1930 while a missionary to an isolated [...]

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Struggling with the Metaphysical

There are times when I get a request from Jean for a newsletter, but have no idea what to write. When Maitreya wants to write something, there is always a subject and the words flow once I begin. However, with my own newsletters, posts on FB and other communications, it is like waiting for [...]

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Do Not Be Unhappy Anymore!

There is no doubt now that the world is going through a profound change and we are all feeling it. During the past few months I have felt anger, hatred and unacceptance swirling around as world events unfolded. I believe that it is a necessary unfolding and clearing of energy, but wow it feels [...]

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Following the Orders

The last few months have been very unsettling for us as we moved from San Francisco to India, and India to Australia. One of the issues when one becomes metaphysical, is that your own free will is no longer in use, as one has to give it up to follow the requests and directions [...]

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The Metaphysical Journey

Once again, I am on the move again in a few days time. I cannot count how many times this has happened, but it has been a lot of moves. If you had told me in 1988 when I did my first professional readings, I would travel the world and channel a Master, I [...]

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The Self and the Higher Self

I am more and more aware of the two distinctive parts of me - The Higher Self and the Lower Self. The Higher Self-part of me is very positive and optimistic. It knows no fear; It likes to be playful, free, happy and laugh; It has empathy, it’s not attached to any emotions, but [...]

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It never ceases to amaze me how people assume that because one is spiritual, one has an easy life! The fact is, for many mediums and channels, it is the opposite, once one opens the door to metaphysics; one begins a long hard path to enlightenment, which can take many years to evolve. I [...]

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Twenty-eight years ago, I sat in my basement office at home grading final exams and term papers for my classes at the university where I taught. I remember muttering and bemoaning the ineptitude and incompetence of some of my Ph.D. students who couldn’t write a complete, grammatically correct sentence – let alone the mindless [...]

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I Dare You!

OK, just bear with me for a bit. Stop reading, close your eyes, and just FEEL for a moment. Are you feeling good? If so, that’s great! Please stop reading this article and go on to the next one in this newsletter. Come back to this point when you are not feeling good. I [...]

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What is the Most Efficient Way to Raise Your Vibration -2?

Last month we examined the question, “What is the most efficient way to raise your vibration?” What will give you the greatest amount of progress the fastest? The answer is really very straightforward, and last month I gave you a hint: it’s all in the numbers. To do that, we looked at the case [...]

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What’s Next?

As I write this, I’m anxiously counting down the days till we leave India and head back to the U.S., which happens to be my native country. As the saying goes, “There’s no place like home.” Then again, there is also another saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” With that said, in my [...]

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As I look back my life journey, especially the past 11 years, courage has helped me to be where I am today. I can have all the good intentions, wishes, dreams and desires, but without courage, I would not be able to manifest any one of them. It is the courage that has helped [...]

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What are the Motivations Behind Our Actions?

How was your ride through the Lunar Eclipse, the Cardinal Grand Cross, the Solar Eclipse and the Mars Retrograde that we all just got to experience? I know personally, mine really brought a lot of major issues to the surface that I was forced to confront and act upon. Even though it was a [...]

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