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  • You have to remember that if you have no fear, nothing can harm you or touch you, for all is an illusion after all! Once you let go of the fear of something happening, it ceases to be in YOUR energy.
  • It is so easy to get disillusioned! You are on the earth plane, surrounded by doubters, those who live in fear, the collective as some would call it 'negative.' It is even worse for those of you who have been through bad times, and experienced difficulty in the past. We say to you "have faith" yet w... [read more]
  • Fear stops you from moving forward in your life. Fear is simply an illusion, a fabrication of the Self. Transcript: Alan: Fear is an illusion, face it and it ceases to be. Face your fears and allow the happiness and joy into your life that you’re rightfully deserve. Maitreya: Fear is a terr... [read more]
  • Nobody else can be blamed for your life experiences; all was chosen before birth. Once you can accept and understand this, then life itself becomes easier.
  • The Self sees itself as perfect. It will argue with you to preserve its own truth. It can never see a positive outcome of any situation!
  • You are in the illusion, because of the Self, you cannot see beyond this reality, but there is another 'reality' beyond the illusion and it can only be seen when one raises one's vibration. As that happens, as one raises one's vibration, it becomes possible to see through the illusion.