The Purpose of the Experience

I normally do not watch the news, especially the political news on television. However, for some reason, in the past few weeks, I have been drawn to the news around Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s story of her being sexually assaulted by Brett M. Kavanaugh, who is being nominated to be the next supreme court [...]

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Life Is about Your Own Life Plan

Those of you on the Earth plane have come to work out your own life plan, to repay karma and to live your own life. Many of you though, feel you need to live the life for another, ignoring your own life and life lessons. My channel was surprised when visiting India that the [...]

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“ Why Can’t I Manifest?” – Part I ©

“ Why Can’t I Manifest?” – Part I © By Dennis Dossett Over the years a number of people have asked me the question, “Why Can’t I Manifest?” Every one of them has tried repeatedly—often for years—to do “everything in their power” to manifest some desire into their lives, but to no avail. I [...]

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Looking for Rainbows

The last several years have been an adventure to say the least. We closed down operations in Issaquah, Washington; let some friendships go, created new friendships, lived in India a couple different times with a year sojourn to San Francisco and a three-month Australian stint. There were many different experiences along the way with [...]

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The Secret to Manifesting

One of the things I constantly tell my students is to ask for what they need. It was one of the first things Maitreya taught me, and over the years I have been able to manifest nearly all that I require. Once again Astrology comes into the picture though. Most of us are familiar [...]

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An Eye for Eye, Judgment, Karma, Forgiveness

From my Scorpio perspective, an “eye for an eye” feeds the revenge aspect of the Scorpio energy. This quote can be found from the perspective of retaliation or retribution throughout the Old Testament in the Christian Bible. It is also found in its’ non-violent form, “turn the other cheek” in the book of Matthew [...]

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Being Spiritual Is Not Always What You Think

Many ordinary people are spiritual without even knowing it. They go about their business with little interference into the lives of others and tend not to gossip, or comment on matters that are none of their concern. They may offer help to those in need but they allow others to live their own lives [...]

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My Previous Job Working with Inmates

Our lessons and karma take us on some interesting journeys. When I was working for a living, I was an environmental health inspector. This led me to some special places such as day cares, drug rehab centers, medically fragile children’s homes, juvenile detection centers, ferryboats and prisons. I used to have a very analytical [...]

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