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  • When my channel Margaret married her husband Alan, her close friend, who was very intuitive, said to her after finding out they had birthdays only two days apart, "So, you are marrying yourself, I see." Margaret did not understand this statement in the beginning, but as the years passed, she began t... [read more]
  • Maitreya talks about how living in the now can assist you in increasing your awareness, being detached, and not creating any new karma. Transcript: Question: Can you talk about the karma we create on a daily basis? Maitreya: It is difficult because you on the Earth plane are not aware of, u... [read more]
  • Maitreya talks about why we have to go through testing periods during our life. Transcript: Question: Why is it we go through spiritual testing process then? Maitreya: Because you choose it, because it is left over karma. For instance, say you die of cancer, and before you die you know t... [read more]
  • For me, since I opened myself up to Metaphysics, I have really struggled with the concept of Love. I’ve often quoted the lyrics from Tina Turner’s song “What’s Love Got To With It, … What’s love but a second hand emotion.”
  • Awareness is the key to making changes in any situation. Without awareness, we live life completely unaware and lost in the illusion of life.
  • One of the lines I’ve learned from Maitreya over the years is, “How do you know?" It tends to usually come up in the context of what some ancient wise man or holy book supposedly said. The conversations a lot of times turn quite passionate, as we tend to get on our high horses and pontificate what w... [read more]
  • Once you return to the Other Side after death, you review your life and assess if you have completed your karma in the way you had intended to, or if you created further karma in the process.
  • From the minute of Earth time that you are born you begin the path to repaying your karma, receiving karma, and to clearing your Akashic record. If you can do it in this incarnation, then you free yourself from the wheel of life.