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“I Was Wrong”©

“I` Was Wrong”© By Dennis Dossett Last month’s newsletter article “Got Me Thinking” within minutes after having submitted it. Or, more accurately, “My Guys” (my Spirit guides) “brought it to my attention” that I had made a mistake and that I needed to correct the error. Oh, it wasn’t that last month’s article was the [...]

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Changing Lanes

I was driving the other day and viewed the traffic ahead and calculated that if I changed lanes I would avoid some congestion. I quickly shifted lanes, but what I anticipated didn’t happened. The lane I switched too became more clogged than the one I left. I immediately cursed myself and started calculating what to [...]

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Peace Begins with Each One of Us

The shocking result of the American election has created so much emotional reaction to so many people both nationwide and worldwide. It shows how our human choices are dictated, controlled and manipulated by the Self-part of us through our own emotions, beliefs and conditioning. The result of the USA presidential election shows that the Photon [...]

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