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  • Every soul in your life is a mirror and teacher, there to assist you to work through your lessons. A mirror is someone who shows you what you do not want to see in yourself.
  • Once you return to the Other Side after death, you review your life and assess if you have completed your karma in the way you had intended to, or if you created further karma in the process.
  • Only when you can learn of your life path through astrology can you start to work to attain higher levels of awareness. In your natal chart are all the answers to your very being,
  • One big lesson to learn is exchanging energy for services rendered. For so many on the path of awakening, the thought of paying for a service connected with us in the spiritual world is looked upon with surprise and resentment.
  • Everything is energy, even the rock in the garden has energy. So is money. Only when humanity learns to understand about energy and use it wisely, can the Earth plane change.
  • Each one of you has chosen lessons to learn as part of your incarnation in this life; many of you, however, never learn those lessons because you are swayed by others to stay in the comfort zone.
  • Do not look outside of yourself for love, but begin by loving yourself. When you can do this, you can truly love humanity!
  • Each one of you is a soul who is a student in a school! Your friends, lovers, partners and family are the teachers in this school. Each Earth day they mirror for you what you do not want to see in yourself.