A Perspective about Crisis

Our life on the Earth Plane is nothing but an illusion. But most of us never think about our life this way because it looks and feels so ‘real’, especially when we are fully charged with the intensified emotions and intertwined interactions with those whom we call our loved ones, family members, relatives, and [...]

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Maitreya Quote on Experiencing Life

"You were born to experience a life with happiness, joy, success, and abundance, but you cannot create that and enjoy it because the Self, like a dog with a bone, keeps chewing away at the negative energy from the past and of unexpressed emotion." ~ Maitreya

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On My Way

One of the most enjoyable things I do is practice finding inner peace and tranquility in nature, but at the same time try to be aware of the human life near me. This is a scenario where I have the opportunity to be in my own inner well being, but still be amongst people. [...]

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Maitreya Quote on Enemies and Best Friends

"Often the person who becomes your enemy - the person you come to hate or despise - is your best friend in the spiritual realms, chosen by you to help you to grow. They have agreed to be part of your life to do this." ~ Maitreya

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