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  • Love is without fear or doubt; love does not want to please, or make someone happy. Love is joy that all in the world is well. With love, you need nothing; without love, you are continually trying to find companionship.
  • I deeply appreciate all the help and guidance I received from the team Maitreya. Because of his teaching, I am changing to become a better soul.
  • All souls are equal and are all on the path to be a perfected being. One of the things that society has done is allowed men to overpower women, this is not in the image of God's Love.
  • What is unconditional love? It is the purest form of love, for it transcends all boundaries. Unconditional love needs no approval or praise. It is a love which is given without demands.
  • Do not look outside of yourself for love, but begin by loving yourself. When you can do this, you can truly love humanity!